20. December 2018

The Danish and Swedish plants are closed from the 22. of December to the 3. of January. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

17. October 2018

A new member of the family

Our Danish plant is located very close to the new European “Robotcon Valley” in Odense and after…

8. October 2018

New Automotive Customer

Our Swedish plant has been approved as supplier by a highly professional and global new customer. Th…

12. July 2018

Have a great summer

The summer is upon us. FJ Industries A/S in Denmark and FJ Sintermetal AB in Sweden, will be produ…

28. May 2018

Global Automotive Components and Suppliers

Tuesday morning 5. June our qualified and experienced FJ team is ready to welcome potential new …

16. May 2018

Is time also important to you?

Press CC for subtitles in English…

4. April 2018

We are ready for Hannover Messe 2018

Monday morning 23. of April our qualified and experienced FJ team is ready to welcome potential ne…

27. March 2018

Midest 2018 we are ready / Midest 2018 nous sommes prêts

We are ready to welcome our existing and new potential customers from today Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 …

26. February 2018

FJ Industries paticipates in the world’s largest industrial subcontracting network

FJ Industries experience growing activities within our core business areas, manufacturing of powder …

10. January 2018

FJ Industries: A welcoming place to work

FJ Industries is a great place to work for foreign workers, and the coworkers approach language barr…