10. January 2018

FJ Industries: A welcoming place to work

FJ Industries is a great place to work for foreign workers, and the coworkers approach language barriers with acceptance, encouragement, patience and smiles. This became obvious for Jennifer when she moved to Denmark to be with her family and work at FJ Industries.

Jennifer moved to Denmark one year ago to be with her five-year-old daughter and her husband who works at FJ Industries. Fortunately for Jennifer, FJ Industries had a vacant position at the packing department in Ferritslev, where she has been working for one year now. Since Jennifer first came to FJ Industries in Denmark, she has learned a lot about the Danish culture and language, and about her new family at FJ Industries. She experiences FJ Industries as a place of familiarity and easy integration:

“It’s like a big welcoming family here, and my Danish colleagues are all willing to get to know me and teach me Danish, even though it is a very hard language to learn. My colleagues are patient with me, and it feels really nice to be accepted and even liked for my differences. They encourage me to speak Danish every day, and it’s feels really nice to know that my colleagues are actually interested in my wellbeing,” Jennifer says.



“For example, my close colleague, Lisbeth, is teaching Danish every day in our lunch break, and that gives me great progress.”

Jennifer comes from a Chinese city with a population of 6,1 million, which is more than the entire Danish population. Therefore, she experiences Denmark as a clean and cozy place to live for her and her family, and her employment at FJ Industries allows her to spend quality time with her husband and daughter.

“There is almost no pollution in Denmark, the air is very clean, and the educational system has a very high level, both in terms of educational quality and social activities. My daughter has a lot of time to play with her friends, and she is doing really well here in Denmark,” Jennifer says.

“It’s fantastic to be together as a family here in Denmark, and my working hours at FJ Industries gives me a lot of free time to spend with my husband and daughter, and I’m grateful for that.”

At FJ Industries, Jennifer experiences a welcoming and familiar workplace with good colleagues and a happy atmosphere.

“The work environment at FJ Industries is fantastic – we greet each other with sincere smiles and we are close as colleagues. There is a very open environment here, and we know each other as individuals, not just as coworkers,” Jennifer says and concludes:

“My family and I are definitely going to stay here in Denmark for many years. At least until our daughter has finished college. And who knows – we might even stay in Denmark for good.”