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Could Powder metal be your future solution?

When you consider producing a part in metal, there are several ways to achieve the desired design. At FJ Industries we produce parts using several methods: casting, machining and powder metal. This case concerns a customer who switched from a machined part to a powder metal part. That resulted in several benefits for the customer, […]

16. January 2023

How FJ Industries China brings value to the customer

FJ Industries China started as a representative office in Ningbo in 2006. Later, in 2007, the production facilities were established. The production consisted of cast and machined components. We purchase the cast parts and do the machining and quality assurance in our production plant. In 2008, we started our production of parts in powder metal, alongside our Danish and Swedish production plants. The production in China also consisted of stamping metal parts, up until 2017.

6. April 2022

Sintered components improved product performance for actuator manufacturer

When one of our customers experienced serious problems about the existing die-cast zink parts, we teamed up to find a better solution based on sintered metal. Actuators are found in an increasing number of end products, so the R&D departments of actuator manufacturers are constantly at work, testing new variants for new applications. When putting […]

12. July 2021

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Major truck brand chooses FJ Industries after rigorous testing

A widely-known truck manufacturer has chosen FJ Industries to deliver high-strength sintered components for steering columns because of FJ Industries’ components’ high precision and ability to meet mechanical requirements.

22. February 2021

Replacing machined components with sintered ones cuts costs by 86 %

One of FJ Industries’ customers in the maritime industry has seen significant savings and shorter delivery times by opting for sintered components instead of machined parts.

17. February 2021