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Replacing machined components with sintered ones cuts costs by 86 %

One of FJ Industries’ customers in the maritime industry has seen significant savings and shorter delivery times by opting for sintered components instead of machined parts.

It is not an everyday experience to reduce component costs by 86%; however, that was exactly what an FJI customer achieved when they decided to use sintered metal components instead of machined parts. The benefits did not stop at just lower costs though, as the production time was reduced significantly. This enabled the customer to assume a more agile and flexible approach to market demands.

A senior engineer at the client company puts it this way:

“Our metal components used to be machined which meant extensive production time and very high expenses. Besides, we had problems with burrs on some of our components.”

Advantageous at low volumes

After having met representatives from FJ Industries at an industry conference, the customer approached us to see how we could help them reduce costs. We delivered 10 test examples of the required component and they worked perfectly. Soon after we made a deal and began producing and supplying the company with sintered components.

A remarkable advantage of our efficient production methods is that the customer will save money even when production volumes are low. The first year of collaboration with this particular customer we delivered just 200 units. This later grew to 2000 units; however, even from the beginning, the per-unit cost was extremely competitive.

The same senior engineer explains that, “it is important for us that the production costs can be kept down. And the price did play a big role when we decided to change to powdered metal”. He continues that, “we came to the conclusion that powdered metal ensures a more rational production than the traditional methods and we plan to use more sintered components in the future”.

Our customer’s main benefits from working with FJ Industries and using our sintered components:

  • 86 % lower price per unit
  • Highly competitive price even at low volumes
  • Short delivery cycles
  • Close collaboration and immediate response to requests
  • Access to top-level expertise in powder metal components
  • Reduced waste results in a greener footprint