Casting and machining

Cast, machined components of the best quality – from industry experts

High quality cast, machined components at competitive prices from a reliable supplier.

FJ Industries is a renowned Danish manufacturer of metal parts and a trusted supplier to the automotive industry and other sectors, where high precision components are in demand. We run a fully owned production plant in Ningbo, China, and this enables us to sustain our leading position as a key supplier of components to exhaust and fuel rail systems, engine and transmission systems, steering columns and other vital systems.

The best of two worlds

Our presence in both China and Europe is of great advantage to our customers. Our dual location set-up enables us to offer a very competitive price level for high quality components and simultaneously have a close collaboration with our customers.

The benefits of choosing us as a supplier of cast and machined metal parts are many:

- Close cooperation: Your solutions are designed in close contact with our European specialists who speak your language. We leave no room for misunderstandings.

- Full control: We own and control our machining facility 100 % and we only work with trusted foundries for delivery of raw cast components.

- Certified quality: All our production units are IATF 16949 certified.

- Cost efficient solutions: Our China plant ensures a highly competitive price level.

- Reliable supply: All deliveries to European customers are shipped from our warehouses in China and Europe.

- Flexibility: Because we control all the vital parts of the supply chain we can react quickly to changes and new requests.

- Commitment: We always agree on a TFC (Team Feasibility Commitment) to ensure that we deliver according to our customers’ requirements.

The best of China …

All cast, machined components are manufactured at our Ningbo facility. We have a trusted and certified local network of investment and sand casting foundries, which supply us with raw cast components for machining. They work with various materials enabling us to supply components with complex geometries in stainless steel, mild steel and in various cast iron grades.

We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers, and we collaborate closely to ensure the expected quality. However, we continuously conduct audits to ensure a high level of consistency.

Having our own facility in China keeps us in full control of the machining process. The raw cast components undergo extensive quality testing before they are processed, and the finished products will be tested and inspected again before they are packed and shipped.

… and the best of Europe

All finished products for European customers are sent to our warehouse in Denmark, where our technical expertise, engineers and other specialists are located. This is our way of controlling the supply chain and ensuring that our customers only have one point of contact.

From Denmark, the components are shipped to customers all over Europe with short notice.

Trusted by automotive tier 1 and 2 suppliers

FJ Industries is proud to be acknowledged as a reliable and competitive supplier of iron and steel cast, machined components. Among other factors, our reputation rests on the fact that we have a close circle of trusted sub-suppliers.

Our technical staff are experts in every aspect of manufacturing iron or steel components, and they often engage with our sub-suppliers to ensure the right component designs and properties. Our control and supervision extend to all links in the chain. Our technical capabilities are highly valued among tier 1 and 2 suppliers and other customers.

The casting and machining processes

Investment casting

The investment casting process, also called lost wax casting or precision casting, has many advantages compared to other manufacturing processes:

  • Ability to produce complex and near net shape parts thus keeping costs at a minimum.
  • A wide range of steel alloys ferritic and austenitic stainless steel can be produced.
  • Very little material waste.
  • Process suitable for both small and large volumes.


Sand casting

Depending on component design, material and other technical requirements we use either coated sand or black sand casting. We cooperate with several sandcasting foundries, some with automatic casting lines, some with manual processes, allowing us to produce and deliver both small and large volumes.

We produce parts in various ductile iron grades, including SiMo grades, and grey cast iron.


Most cast, cold drawn or forged components require a subsequent machining process. At FJ Industries we do high precision CNC machining operations on medium and high-volume components in steel, stainless steel (austenitic and ferritic grades) or cast iron.

Highly skilled engineers at our plant in China and Denmark cooperate closely in order to develop the optimal serial production setup ensuring high process capability at low cost. Being an IATF 16949 certified company we follow customer requirements and are used to working with TFC, APQP and PPAP.

Machine list at our plant in Ningbo, China:

  • 32 CNC 4 axis machining centers
  • 21 CNC turning machines
  • 6 multi axle drilling machines
  • 2 multi axle threading machines
  • 2 milling machines
  • 3 grinding machines


- 1 Zeiss Accura 2 CMM
- 2 Automatic thread checking machines
- Automatic leakage testing
- Material analysis laboratory


FJ Industries produces cast, cold drawn and machined components for the automotive industry and other industrial sectors in the following materials:

  • (DIN standards)
  • Austenitic stainless steel: 1.4301, 1.4308, 1.4401, 1.4848.
  • Ferritic stainless steel: 1.4016, 1.4509, 1.4512, 1.4526.
  • Carbon steel: S235JR (China Q235B), S355J2 (China Q345B) and others.
  • Iron: Ductile cast iron (GGG / EN-GJS), including SiMO grades, gray cast iron (GG / EN-GJL).

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