Measuring lab

At FJ industries, we have our own measuring lab with more than 20 years of experience. We have 3 experienced measuring technicians who perform most of the measuring using our own measuring equipment. If a type of measuring is required that we do not have the equipment to do, we will use external suppliers and measuring equipment.

Measuring machine (3D CMM)

We own 2 coordinate-measuring machines with a precision of up to 0.7 micrometers (μm). We can measure parts that are up to 800x600x600 mm. The measuring machines measure the dimensions as well as the geometrical characteristics of the part in question (distance, diameter, technical errors, parallelism, planeness, etc.). These things cannot be measured as precisely using manual measuring equipment. If something can be measured manually, then we measure it with our manual measuring equipment. For everything else, we use our measuring machine.

Profile measurement system

Our profile measurement system is used to generate a scan of the profile of a part. Only a part of the surface can be scanned with the profile measurement system because it scans with a probe and only scans along the X-axis. It scans the profile of the part in order to measure whether the contours of the part fit the drawing. The precision of our profile measurement system is within a few micrometers (μm).

Roughness measurement device

A roughness measurement device can be used for measuring the roughness of the surface of a part. The precision of our parts is typically between Ra = 0.6 and 3.2 micrometers (μm).

Tensile testing machine

Our tensile testing machine can be used for performing tensile tests on parts or tensile test bars. These tests are carried out in order to check whether a given part meets the strength requirement in terms of tensibility that our customer has. Our tensile testing machine can test up to 10 tons.


Our microscopes are primarily used for analyzing the surface properties of microstructures of parts. For instance, we use our microscopes when finding the weak spot of a part before scanning it with our profile measurement device. We do this to assess the quality of the part. We own two microscopes – one for analyzing macrostructures and one for microstructures.

Customer-specific equipment

For some customers, we offer customer-specific equipment. Among other things, we own an aerometer that measures diameter as well roundness by way of atmospheric pressure. This device is very accurate in comparison with manual measuring equipment, and it does not require a measuring machine. The precision of the aerometer is less than 0.1 micrometers ().

Furthermore, we have an automatized optical measuring system that employs a camera. We use this system to carry out 100% controls of 12 measurements and 2 surface analyses on a part. The precision of this measuring system is within a few micrometers ().

Equipment that we have developed ourselves

We have developed the three following measuring devices:

1. An ultrasonic tester that can do a 100% crack control of a part.

2. A machine that can test the durability of a part when exposed to a certain load.

3. A torque tester that can do a 100% control of whether a part meets certain strength requirements by twisting the part.