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FJ Industries paticipates in the world’s largest industrial subcontracting network

FJ Industries experience growing activities within our core business areas, manufacturing of powder metal components and casted / machined components for the automotive, industrial and pharmaceutical industries. We successfully develop in collaboration and would like to invite our valued clients, partners and potential customers to visit the brand-new exhibition stand for  FJ Industries.

Join us at MIDEST in Paris 27-30 March 2018, stand 1G109 to discuss how your potential projects fit our technologies.

Find out more about the show:

MIDEST is the sole international show specialized in industrial subcontracting.

Conceived both as a network and a catalyst for industry, MIDEST makes it possible to initiate, consolidate and develop opportunities of all kinds for collaboration between those involved in the design and production of made-to-measure parts or sub-assemblies.

The show plays a decisive role in establishing relationships between customers and subcontractors, offering them an event that is both human in scale and friendly in atmosphere where they can:

·         evaluate and refine their panel of subcontractors,

·         identify the right partners,

·         forge the contacts that will be crucial to the success of their projects,

·         gather information and discuss key industry topics,

·         discover and gain an understanding of trends in technology and innovations.


FJ Industries: A welcoming place to work

FJ Industries is a great place to work for foreign workers, and the coworkers approach language barriers with acceptance, encouragement, patience and smiles. This became obvious for Jennifer when she moved to Denmark to be with her family and work at FJ Industries.

Jennifer moved to Denmark one year ago to be with her five-year-old daughter and her husband who works at FJ Industries. Fortunately for Jennifer, FJ Industries had a vacant position at the packing department in Ferritslev, where she has been working for one year now. Since Jennifer first came to FJ Industries in Denmark, she has learned a lot about the Danish culture and language, and about her new family at FJ Industries. She experiences FJ Industries as a place of familiarity and easy integration:

“It’s like a big welcoming family here, and my Danish colleagues are all willing to get to know me and teach me Danish, even though it is a very hard language to learn. My colleagues are patient with me, and it feels really nice to be accepted and even liked for my differences. They encourage me to speak Danish every day, and it’s feels really nice to know that my colleagues are actually interested in my wellbeing,” Jennifer says.



“For example, my close colleague, Lisbeth, is teaching Danish every day in our lunch break, and that gives me great progress.”

Jennifer comes from a Chinese city with a population of 6,1 million, which is more than the entire Danish population. Therefore, she experiences Denmark as a clean and cozy place to live for her and her family, and her employment at FJ Industries allows her to spend quality time with her husband and daughter.

“There is almost no pollution in Denmark, the air is very clean, and the educational system has a very high level, both in terms of educational quality and social activities. My daughter has a lot of time to play with her friends, and she is doing really well here in Denmark,” Jennifer says.

“It’s fantastic to be together as a family here in Denmark, and my working hours at FJ Industries gives me a lot of free time to spend with my husband and daughter, and I’m grateful for that.”

At FJ Industries, Jennifer experiences a welcoming and familiar workplace with good colleagues and a happy atmosphere.

“The work environment at FJ Industries is fantastic – we greet each other with sincere smiles and we are close as colleagues. There is a very open environment here, and we know each other as individuals, not just as coworkers,” Jennifer says and concludes:

“My family and I are definitely going to stay here in Denmark for many years. At least until our daughter has finished college. And who knows – we might even stay in Denmark for good.”

FJ Industries uses small aircraft to maximize customer service

FJ Industries often uses a small aircraft to secure maximum flexibility towards visiting customers and suppliers around Europe and to transport parts and products.

At FJ Industries, one of the keys to success is a constant attention to creating value for its customers by being proactive and agile. In order to achieve maximum agility and flexibility, the company often uses a small aircraft to visit both customers and suppliers, not to forget transportation of parts and products. In this way, customers around Europe can be reached within a very short time frame.

Photo: Short before landing in Sweden
Photo: Short before landing in Sweden

“We are very much a commodity, and sometimes our customers only allow us a very narrow time slot in their tight schedules for a meeting. We are able to show our presence by almost always saying “we will be there”, before we have to spend time on booking airline tickets. Many of our customers are located in central Europe were the density of small and medium airports suitable for General Aviation is very high. Normally we only have to travel less than 20 kilometers by car from the airport to our final destination,” FJ Industries’ CEO Lars Wildenschild explains.



FJ Industries do not own their own plane, but the CEO of the company, who has almost 30 years of flying experience, owns a small General Aviation aircraft (Mooney) together with a friend that also uses it for the same purposes.

Photo: The CEO and the Sales Director on a grass strip in Poland after a business meeting near by.
Photo: The CEO and the Sales Director on a grass strip in Poland after a business meeting near by.

The plane is serving and boosting the business for 3-4 different local companies, and according to Lars Wildenschild, it makes perfect sense for FJ Industries on a number of parameters.

“FJ Industries also have a small plant in Jönköping in Sweden, primarily producing parts for one of our big customers. By car it takes more than one full working day just for the driving, and then we have to stay overnight. By plane it takes a little over an hour. We can have a full day’s meeting, and we can be home for a late dinner the same day. That’s really efficient time management and looking at the cost side, it’s also significantly cheaper, if we include lost working time, hotel, bridge fees and so on,” he continues.

“It is of course not cheap to maintain and operate an aircraft, but when the costs can be split between more users, the business case really makes sense. It is of course more complicated to acquire a Private Pilot License with an instrument rating on top, which is required to fly in low visibility and low ceiling, than to get a driver’s license, but it is worth the effort for us, and we think many more companies should explore the benefits of being less dependent on airlines.”

FJ Industries present at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 stand A36 in Hall 5.

In April FJ Industries exhibits at the world’s most important trade fair for industrial technology, HANNOVER MESSE in Germany.

The world’s leading companies in industrial technology meet up in April at the yearly trade fair in Hannover, Germany, and yet again FJ Industries is present. Over the years FJ Industries has turned the international event, which runs April 24-28 in 2017, into a powerful forum for meeting both potential and existing customers and at the same time showcasing a variety of its products and solutions.

”The fair represents an important forum for us to meet up with both existing customers as well as potential new ones, and we look forward to being part of the fair every year. Our presence will be massive to make sure we are easy to get in touch with throughout the fair,” Sales Director Joachim Riisager says.

At HANNOVER MESSE approximately 5000 companies from 70 countries will exhibit in 2017.

We look forward to meet you at our stand A36 in Hall 5.

Energy saving and sustainability is on the agenda at FJ Industries A/S

2015 highlights

2015 hindsight video for FJ Industries.

FJ Industries expands its activities on the US market

An Atlanta based sales representative is FJ Industries first step towards expanding the company’s activities on the US market. A logical next step could be setting up a warehouse facility in The States.

FJ Industries is expanding its activities on the US market.
As of today a sales representative based in Atlanta, GA, will support and further strengthen the company’s relations and services to existing customers in The States.

But according to Sales Director Joachim Riisager this should also be seen as a strategic move to develop new customers in the US, and a next step could be setting up a warehouse facility.

“We already have several customers in the US, but we serve them from either Denmark or China where we have our biggest production sites. We need to be closer to these existing customers, and at the same time we want to explore the huge potential of developing new customers in US. In order to succeed in that we need physical presence, which we have now. A logical next step could easily be setting up a warehouse facility which would significantly shorten our delivery time to the market,” Joachim Riisager says.

Mathias photo

Sales Engineer Mathias Nielsen can be contacted on phone +1 (404) 358 5768 or +1 (404) 835 6728 and at e-mail

The address of the office is:
3630 Peachtree Road NE / Suite 920, Atlanta / GA 30326.

FJ Industries is an international company producing metal parts within the sintermetal, machining and stamping technologies. Founded in 1943, the company is headquartered in Denmark, and it has production sites in Sweden and China.

FJ Industries’ commitment to quality is the reason we are a trusted supplier to some of the world’s largest automotive, pharmaceutical and industrial companies.

Meet us at Elmia Subcontractor 12-15 November 2013

Meet us at Elmia Subcontractor fair in Jönköping, Sweden 12-15 November 2013

You are welcome to pre-book a meeting with us at the fair in November. Our experienced sales staff will be ready to welcome you at B03:80.

Send us an email and we will be even more prepared to welcome you at our stand.

Heading for TS 16949 certification

World class quality was on the agenda when employees at FJ Industries attended seminar and workshop on implementing ISO/TS 16949.

What’s world class quality? What do our customers require today? How can we advance from National League to Champions League?

These were some of the key issues when FJ Industries together with the consulting company Storm Management invited employees to a seminar and workshop on the implementation of ISO/TS 16949 at FJ Industries.

”Our markets have increasingly stringent requirements for quality and documentation – and therefore we need to have more focus on error prevention and continuous improvement”, says CEO Lars Wildenschild.

The international quality standard ISO/TS 16949 is with its origins from the automotive industry particularly effective in reducing error margins by reducing variation, preventing mistakes and making continuous improvements.

“That is why the process has now been initiated to upgrade our quality system from ISO 9001 to ISO/TS 16949, so we can move up into Champions League Quality, just like the automotive industry – and with great commitment from all employees, the process is already well underway”, concludes Lars Wildenschild.