27. November 2013

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our customer satisfaction survey has been completed and we thank all of you for your kind participation.

The headlines of the results are available on the menu Quality on this site.

18. April 2017

Customer satisfaction survey

Our customer satisfaction survey for 2022 is completed and showing that customer satisfaction remains higher than ever!

This year we have had the highest number of participants ever. We would like to thank our customers for taking the time to participate in our annual survey and for helping us improve our services every day.


Supplier evaluation: The vast majority of our customers are positive towards FJ Industries as a supplier and would like to continue the cooperation in the future.

Communication: The vast majority are satisfied with the communication they have with FJ Industries both with sales and logistics.

Quality: The vast majority our customers are satisfied with the quality of parts.

Delivery performance: The majority of our customers have remained satisfied with the delivery performance level of 2022. We are incredibly pleased with this result but are constantly working to improve this.

We love the kudos…

We highly appreciate the positive feedback from our customers, and we are very pleased with the predominantly positive feedback form this years´ customer satisfaction survey.

But we also appreciate the customers who have taken their time to give us constructive feedback. We will certainly act on the concerns which have been brought to our attention.