10. November 2015

FJ Industries breaks monthly revenue record

The month of September represents the company’s best monthly revenue since 2008. FJ Industries’ agility and flexibility are keys to the revenue record, CEO Lars Wildenschild says.

FJ Industries continues the massive growth that has characterized the company’s recent year. September turned out to be a record-breaking month in terms of revenue as a result of both new and existing customers placing significant orders.

“At FJ Industries we’re happy to announce that the month of September was the best monthly revenue, we have had since the financial crisis hit us really hard back in the late 2008. We have been growing super fast the last 12 months, and both new and existing customers have placed massive orders,” CEO of FJ Industries Lars Wildenschild says.

He points to the company’s agility and flexibility, as well as product quality, service and price, to explain the positive trends at FJ Industries.

“We have a proven record for being very competitive on both quality, service and price, and that is obviously the reason why we are very successful. We have also proven our ability to react fast, gear-up our production and supply the increasing demand from our highly valued customers,” Lars Wildenschild adds.