4. September 2015

FJ Industries expands its activities on the US market

An Atlanta based sales representative is FJ Industries first step towards expanding the company’s activities on the US market. A logical next step could be setting up a warehouse facility in The States.

FJ Industries is expanding its activities on the US market.
As of today a sales representative based in Atlanta, GA, will support and further strengthen the company’s relations and services to existing customers in The States.

But according to Sales Director Joachim Riisager this should also be seen as a strategic move to develop new customers in the US, and a next step could be setting up a warehouse facility.

“We already have several customers in the US, but we serve them from either Denmark or China where we have our biggest production sites. We need to be closer to these existing customers, and at the same time we want to explore the huge potential of developing new customers in US. In order to succeed in that we need physical presence, which we have now. A logical next step could easily be setting up a warehouse facility which would significantly shorten our delivery time to the market,” Joachim Riisager says.

Mathias photo

Sales Engineer Mathias Nielsen can be contacted on phone +1 (404) 358 5768 or +1 (404) 835 6728 and at e-mail

The address of the office is:
3630 Peachtree Road NE / Suite 920, Atlanta / GA 30326.

FJ Industries is an international company producing metal parts within the sintermetal, machining and stamping technologies. Founded in 1943, the company is headquartered in Denmark, and it has production sites in Sweden and China.

FJ Industries’ commitment to quality is the reason we are a trusted supplier to some of the world’s largest automotive, pharmaceutical and industrial companies.