27. November 2015

FJ Industries in China has doubled machining capacity in 10 weeks

Urgent demands from our customers  causes machining capacity to boom at FJ Industries in China. This represents an important step in our ambition to reach a growth of 15 percent this year, CEO at FJ Industries, Lars Wildenschild says.

It’s busy days at FJ Industries’ production plant in Ningbo, China.

Urgent increased demands from several customers means FJ Industries has doubled its machining capacity over an impressive span of less than three months.

”Due to an explosion in demand from our customers, we have doubled our machining capacity in China in about 10 weeks. Our customers are very happy and impressed by our effort and quick response to their urgent demand increases. This is proving the fact that we are compliant with our mission of being agile, flexible and effective,” CEO at FJ Industries, Lars Wildenschild says.

The massive growth is a result of demand increases within clean air technology for the automotive industry, and it contributes significantly to FJ Industries’ overall growth target of 15 percent this year.

”This successful story is only being realized through hard work, professional competence and last but not least in close corporation with and trust from our highly valued customers. With this great news we are getting closer to meet our growth target this year,” Lars Wildenschild adds.

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