25. August 2016

FJ Industries in Denmark is adding more machining capacity

We are currently increasing the machining capacity significantly at our plant in Denmark by implementing new state-of-the-art fully automatic lathes. Furthermore, additional machines will be added in the coming years to meet the volumes needed bringing our total investment to several million DKK.

Sales Director, Joachim Riisager, comments that “this massive growth in our machining capacity is a result of last years’ close corporation with a highly valued customer within the automotive industry. Up until now all manufacturing to this particular customer has taken place at our plant in China, and so we are excited about the trust and confidence they are showing us by accepting components manufactured at FJ in Denmark as well. “

The very efficient process and the special raw material required, makes manufacturing in Denmark beneficial.

These automotive projects are for assembly in Portugal and Czech Republic, with volumes peaking in 2018-2021 with approximately 1 million pieces per year.

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