12. February 2016

FJ Industries kicks off 2016 in style

FJ Industries is off to a flying start in 2016 with January representing the company’s best monthly revenue since 2008.  

Due to increased demand, the company’s massive growth continues, and January’s revenue turned out to be even greater than the previous record month in September 2015.

“We’re delighted to announce that the month of January was the best monthly revenue, we have had since the financial crisis hit us really hard back in 2008. FJ Industries continues to build on our growth strategy put in place in 2013/14. Our success is the result of hard work and a strong cooperation with our highly valued customers,” CEO at FJ Industries, Lars Wildenschild says.

Looking into the 2016 and going forward, Lars Wildenschild expects the growth trend at FJ Industries to continue.

“We definitely expect to surpass our monthly revenue record again in 2016. Our product quality, service and price have continuously proven to be very competitive, and this is obviously the reason why we can keep breaking the records. We continue to maintain our focus on creating value for our customers by being proactive and agile,” Lars Wildenschild adds.