21. March 2016

FJ Industries appoints International capacity as Production Manager

After eight years abroad, living in China and working at FJ Industries, German born Yorck Eberbach returns to Denmark to become Production Manager at FJ Industries.

Yorck Eberbach’s journey at FJ Industries began in 2007, when he applied for a job as Project Manager at the company’s powder metal and stamping production start-up in China. Today, more than eight years on, Yorck Eberbach has also held positions as Quality Manager and Technical Manager and recently was appointed as Production Manager at FJ Industries’ headquarter in Denmark.

The fact that there was always a continuous development going on is part of the reason Yorck Eberbach is still working at FJ Industries.

“At FJ, I have always felt the support to do things the way I think they should be done as long as our results are on target. I have been given the chance to try a lot of different things, like production setup and startup, project management, the technical department, the quality system, our supply quality and so on. You can say, there’s always something new and interesting on my plate,” Yorck Eberbach says.

So far Yorck Eberbach’s professional career has brought him the opportunity to live and work in eight different countries around the world. Different countries often mean the same things and procedures are done differently, and Yorck Eberbach surely has seen things done in many ways – and with varying results. “But I definitely also learned that people can do things in a certain way, and it still works, even if I would have done it differently. It’s a great perspective to bring on as a Production Manager,” he adds.

Bringing new impulses

As the new Production Manager, Yorck Eberbach is inspired by these differences in approaches that he has experienced throughout his career. In his own words, he has brought back some “Chinese mentality” to add to his “German roots.”

“German way of thinking is that we like to have everything organized and planned into details so that every risk higher than 0,01% is eliminated. It’s good, but it also means that sometimes things are not initiated as fast as they could have been. In China on the other hand, people tend to just get things going, and sometimes miss out on vital planning and on going back and look at what was the root cause of a failure. Of course things are not as black and white, but I believe a mix of these approaches will be beneficial, and this is what I’m trying to apply,” Yorck Eberbach continues.

FJ Industries has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing components in powder metal, and there for the production has been run very efficiently for a long time. But as an initiating person, Yorck Eberbach is eager to find out, if there are things FJ Industries can do even more efficient when it comes to the production of components.

“I believe FJ Industries develop as a company, when we question our way of doing things; when we always strive to find the most optimal solutions. There’s always room for improvement, and we are not afraid to ask ourselves the difficult questions.”

“I admire our willingness to do, what is necessary to make our costumers happy and to actually always make things work for them. The company mind set “well, if it doesn’t work this way, then why not do it differently?” is very much like my own. I think that’s the reason why I’m still here after so many years and still wakes up every morning looking forward to go to work,” he concludes.

About Yorck Eberbach:

2016 Production Manager at FJ Industries A/S

2009: Quality Manager & Technical Manager at FJ Industries (Ningbo)

2007: Project Manager at FJ Industries (Ningbo)

2006: Process engineer, Mobile Terminal Components (MTC) at Sonion Vietnam Co., Ltd.

2004: Administrator – Development strategy and planning at EvoBus

2003: Trainee, International Management Associate Programme (IMAP) at DaimlerChrysler with projects in Germany, England and Brazil

 Specialized in

– Production setup and startup,

– Quality system implementation and maintenance,

– Product and supplier quality, supplier evaluation/approval

– Project management,

– Technical documentation,

– Metrology