24. October 2013

Heading for TS 16949 certification

World class quality was on the agenda when employees at FJ Industries attended seminar and workshop on implementing ISO/TS 16949.

What’s world class quality? What do our customers require today? How can we advance from National League to Champions League?

These were some of the key issues when FJ Industries together with the consulting company Storm Management invited employees to a seminar and workshop on the implementation of ISO/TS 16949 at FJ Industries.

”Our markets have increasingly stringent requirements for quality and documentation – and therefore we need to have more focus on error prevention and continuous improvement”, says CEO Lars Wildenschild.

The international quality standard ISO/TS 16949 is with its origins from the automotive industry particularly effective in reducing error margins by reducing variation, preventing mistakes and making continuous improvements.

“That is why the process has now been initiated to upgrade our quality system from ISO 9001 to ISO/TS 16949, so we can move up into Champions League Quality, just like the automotive industry – and with great commitment from all employees, the process is already well underway”, concludes Lars Wildenschild.