2. February 2017

Record breaking January at FJ Industries

January 2017 turned out to be the greatest month in company history in terms of monthly revenue. According to CEO Lars Wildenschild, FJ Industries has been very successful in attracting new customers as well as existing customers have increased their orders.

FJ Industries continues the impressive growth rate that has characterized the company’s recent years. January turned out to be the best month ever in the history of the company, when it comes to monthly revenue. The company reached an all-time high revenue of more than 21 million kroner (2,8 million EUR). November 2016 was also a very strong month, while December represented a slight decline in the order intake due to Christmas and New Year.

“Fortunately the demand continues to be very strong across all markets, and this means January turned out to be the best month ever in our 74 years company history. It’s a great achievement and milestone for us, and I’m extremely proud on behalf of everyone at FJ Industries,” CEO Lars Wildenschild says.

The record breaking month is a result of FJ Industries being very successful in attracting new customers, and at the same time existing customers have also increased orders for their products. “We have a very well-filled order book for new tools, and we are ramping up our capacity both in manufacturing and in our tool-shop to maintain existing delivery times for new products. We are right now expecting a growth rate of more than 15% YTD May 2016 – April 2017, so we are very happy with the development of our company and all our trusted customers,” Lars Wildenschild continues.