Sintered metal parts for actuators – when quality, speed and cost matters

Could a lower per unit cost and a shorter production time benefit your business? Maybe even improve your competitive edge? Yes, we would say so.

Sintered metal components are a popular replacement for machined parts. Today, the sinter technology has reached a level of sophistication that allows us to manufacture components with properties on a par with traditionally machined parts. The attractive cost and low material waste combined with the ability to achieve fine tolerances, uniform quality and large batches make sinter metal components the rational and obvious choice in many cases

Why actuator manufacturers can benefit

Actuators are typically driven by a gear motor or servomotor for determining velocity and position. FJ Industries manufactures sintered components for actuators that are part of rotating gear/planetary gears and piston rod/cylinder devices.

Sintered components come with many benefits, many of which make them attractive to manufacturers of linear, electric, and mechanical actuators:

Low cost
Noise reduction
Consistent accuracy
Low volumes

The attractive solution where the stakes are high

The automotive and medical industries are among the frontrunners in sinter part application. Quality, consistency, agility and cost-efficiency are non-negotiable requirements from companies in these sectors, and the high performance on all parameters has made sinter metal components increasingly popular.

Today, we supply a wide range of sintered metal components to leading pharmaceutical and automotive companies and the demand is growing.

Cost reduced to 14 %

At FJ Industries we have manufactured high quality components from metal powder for decades. Over the years we have seen countless examples of how sintered parts can help companies become more efficient, more flexible and, ultimately, more profitable.

An illustrative case story is a Nordic manufacturer of electric actuators. The company has reaped great rewards from replacing machined metal components with sintered metal parts in many of its products. Most important benefit of all; the per unit cost of the sintered components is just 14 % of the original machined component. It is very unusual to see cost reduction of this magnitude in a world where incremental improvement has become the norm.

Our customer is very satisfied with the solution and cost savings:

“Powder metal ensures a more rational production than the traditional production methods, and we plan to use even more sintered components in the future”

Sintered metal – what is it?

Sintering is a process where metal powder is compressed and hardened to create components of almost any shape.

The metal powder (steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze etc.) is put under high pressure in a mechanical, hydraulic or electric precision press. The unit will achieve the desired geometrical shape within the tool.

The next step is to harden the “green” component in a sintering furnace. Here it will be heated up to the sintering temperature, which is below the base melting temperature of the material, and subsequently cooled down again. During this process the metal powder grains are sintered together in an atomic diffusion process.

If needed, the sintered component can undergo one or more treatments; machining, sizing or surface treatments.

Read more about the process in details here

In-house tool-makers for maximum quality and consistency

Decades ago, we made the strategic decision to keep the essential tool-making process in-house. Having our own tool experts makes us fast and flexible, ensuring that you can rely on us supplying perfectly designed parts when you need them.

Our tool-makers work closely together with the production specialists in an agile feedback-response cycle, independent of any external competencies. This is the way we like to work and the way we make sure that we always deliver on our promises.

Talk to the industry experts

More than 35 years of experience with powder metallurgy has earned us the reputation as industry experts. Not only do we manufacture sinter metal parts to a wide range of customers in various industries, we also keep refining our technology in order to push costs even lower and quality even higher, and we readily share our advice.

If you are looking for ways to produce actuators more efficiently, at a lower cost without compromising on quality, you should talk to us. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience in order to help you achieve your goals.

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