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Why Chinese foundries remain the best choice

FJ Industries is the link between expert Chinese foundries and the automotive industry. This has been the case for many years now and remains so despite the turmoil on the raw goods and shipping markets over the last couple of years.

The case for sourcing metal components from China is still very compelling. Nowhere in the world you will find high quality foundries in the numbers China can boast, plus the in-depth expertise that follows. We still find China to be no. 1 in the world when it comes to casting and machining of metal components, and our strategy ensures a stable supply to our European customers.

Here are the reasons for sticking with China when it comes to metal component supplies:

A long history of casting

First, the Chinese foundries are among the best in the world. The local tradition for casting and processing metal goes back thousands of years and today you find thousands of foundries in China, many of which has special expertises and technologies.

Highly skilled professionals

Second, the employees at the Chinese foundries are generally highly competent. Given their large market, each foundry is allowed to focus on a narrow field of expertise, which means that they are really good at what they do. Whatever your need is, you can rest assured that we have the right foundry for the job.

We have seen challenges in China such as factory lockdowns, closed ports and high shipping rates. During covid-19 many European companies depending on deliveries from Chinese suppliers have been hit by these factors, and this has fuelled a wave of ‘in-sourcing’ back to Europe, a move that in some cases seem premature.

A stable and unbroken supply chain

This brings us to the third reason why China should remain at the top of your list when it comes to metal components: At FJ Industries we have built a strong supply chain over the last decades, an uninterrupted chain right from a carefully curated network of specialist foundries all the way to our customers in the European automotive industry.

These are the links in our supply chain:

  • Our foundry partners in China, all carefully selected for their quality, expertise and consistency in delivery. We work closely with them to ensure a high and consistent quality level, enabling us to deliver 100% uniform components.
  • Our own processing facility, fully owned by us, in Ningbo, just south of Shanghai. Here we quality test all in-coming raw cast components before machining.
  • Our warehouse in Denmark. Here we receive all components from the Ningbo factory before delivering them to our customers around Europe. Logistic flexibility is the keyword.


Being physically present in both China and Europe is our customers’ guarantee for high quality and reliable delivery at all times. We control all stages of the manufacturing process which leaves no room for inconsistencies, and the price is still highly competitive when you consider the high quality.

Do you want the best a China-Europe partnership can offer?

When choosing FJ Industries as a supplier you will get European project management with technical expertise in both Europe and China, which will ensure that the customer ends up with the best possible solution. We have a unique setup that links Europe and China closely together for the benefit of our many customers in the automotive industry.

Get in touch with one of our specialists and let us discuss how we can ensure ultimate product quality, reliable supply and competitive prices for your company.