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Why our in-house tool department benefits the customer

At FJ Industries we have always prioritzed having a well-staffed and well-equipped tool department under our own roof. In-house tool-making is one of the reasons we remain highly competitive and is a preferred supplier to many customers.

Quick responses

Having full control over the tool-making process enables us to respond quickly to customer requests and to be flexible about changes at short notice. Further, the short internal ways of communication between the tool designers, the tool-makers and the production keep us agile, responsive and minimize the risk of misunderstandings.

Not dependent on external suppliers

Over the lifetime of a tool, it will need repair, refurbishing or replacement due to wear, tear and damages. Sometimes tool parts need to be re-designed due to customer requirements. In this case our tool-makers are able to step in immediately to solve the issue, thus keeping the downtime at a minimum. If we had an external supplier we would have to submit to his schedule and this could mean extended production time for our customers. We do not want to take that risk.

A close link between idea and execution

At a more general level, innovation runs smoother between those who design and produce the tool, and those who use it. The close interaction between the ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ ensures ownership in all phases of the process and helps us produce components exactly as they were intended and in addition gives us short communication lines in case of questions and if things do not work as initially intended.

The flow from request to production

During customer projects close interaction takes place between the various departments. This is shown in the typical project flow:

1. A customer sends us a request for a certain component, including a drawing

2. We examine the drawing via our ‘team feasibility commitment process’ and may, if needed, propose certain amendments to the final design

3. We receive a finalized drawing from the customer

4. Our technical department designs the tool(s) and processing fixtures, if needed

5. When the tool has been designed, the tool-makers produce it

6. The first test components are produced and sent to the customer as agreed

7. If the tool or manufacturing process need to be adjusted, this will be defined in collaboration with the customer (new test components)

8. The production process will begin upon approval of the test component by the customer

The best hands and minds

Our tool-making department is manned with skilled and experienced professionals. At the time of writing, eight employees are designing, constructing and producing tools for our customers – and three of these have been with us for more than 20 years. Also, we have our own trainee to ensure that we keep feeding our total pool of skills.

The tool-makers get a constant flow of feedback from the production, helping both departments to keep learning and improving. The internal exchange and accumulation of valuable knowledge would be nearly impossible, had we not had an in-house tool-marking department.

Equipped with top quality machines

Even great tool-makers need great tools. Over the past few years we have upgraded our machine setup with  two new sinker EDM’s and a new wire EDM, and this enables us to accept requests of the highest level of technical complexity – and still deliver at a competitive price.

Are we on the same page?

So, at FJ Industries skilled employees and state-of-the-art machinery go hand in hand to supply perfect tools for all customer projects. And to do so in a quick, seamless way that allows for flexibility in case of changes.

If you agree that tool-making is a central discpline in the production of high quality components we should talk.