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Why many companies are choosing powder metal components

“If you need the best metal components, go for machined parts.” Conventional wisdom has been telling us this for centuries, but it’s time to think again: The sintering method is developing and has now become so sophisticated that the advantages are hard to overlook.

The latest years, we have seen a rapidly growing interest in sintered metal components. The reasons for this are many, but they converge around these topics:

Quality and sustainability

  • Sintered metal parts have uniform high-level quality
  • High tensile strength can be achieved and can be increased through post hardening
  • There is nearly no material waste, making it a sustainable technology


  • Net shape or near net shape components can be produced
  • Sintered metal parts can be tailor-made to optimize function and properties
  • Narrow tolerances can be achieved directly after the sintering and further improved by a sizing operation

Special properties

  • Nearly isotropic properties can be achieved
  • The porosity in the sinter metal can be used as an oil reservoir for self-lubricated bearings


Attractive costs

  • A low per unit price compared to traditional machined parts
  • Sinter metal parts can be produced in small series, still at great cost advantage


No wonder that sintered metal components have attracted much attention. But is it an advantageous solution for you as well? Get in touch and let’s talk.